Time to be Gorgeous, fellow players!

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We have built Extractors together, run through Phase Gates together, fought against against the darkness, scampered through ventilation shafts, and ambushed marines together. We play this game together. You have submitted code improvements, bug fixes, maps, game modes and argued for gameplay changes. We develop this game together. Now, Gorgeous is coming, and it’s time to stand together again.

Gorgeous will go live at 1500US-PST. Wondering what time that is in your local time zone? Consult the handy graphic above. At that time, around the world, we at Unknown Worlds will do a few things.

  1. Press the big red Steam button to launch Gorgeous
  2. Release the trailer and changelog videos on YouTube
  3. Post the trailer to all our social media feeds
  4. Cross our fingers

Social media. Ugh. Surely the most overused two words in the English language. Is your business social? Is your game social? Is your social life social? But what does it really mean? It in the best cases, it means that there is no communication barrier between a game developer and players. What we want to share with you, we can, and vice-versa. Best of all, it allows you to tell other people if you think our game is good.

When the Exosuit trailer went live on August 28th, your shares and retweets took it to a quarter of a million views. On October 31st, you took the NS2 Launch trailer to almost half a million views. The success or failure of the Gorgeous trailer is in your hands – If you like it, there is no limit to how far you can spread it. And if you spread it far enough, countless new NS2 players could be joining us.

We hope you’ll stand with us tomorrow and tell the whole world Gorgeous has arrived.

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