The Shotgun

Posted by unknownworlds 14 years ago

We thought we’d take a moment to show you the updated version of one of the favorite weapons from NS1 (unless you were a Skulk…) – the Shotgun.

The Vortex Tactical Shotgun

For this update we wanted to give you a further look into the Marine’s arsenal, with the all important shotgun.

In keeping with the look and design of the rest of the NS2 marine weapons and equipment, the shotgun deploys out of its compact inactive state when drawn. We wanted the shotgun to have a reasonable amount of bulk and to feel solid and powerful in the first person view. Here is a render of the finished in-game model:

Beyond the visual overhaul, the essence of the shotgun remains intact from NS1.
It is a beefy upgrade for marines which will allow them to take the offensive early and push through an expanding or unprepared enemy. Currently it is also good vs. armor so it should also prove effective at larger aliens. It’s biggest disadvantage is its range – it won’t be accurate or effective at medium or long-range targets.

And here is some brief in-game footage put together quickly to give you a taste for the what the shotgun looks and sounds like in game as it blasts the heck out of walls, dust particles, and thin air.

You can also see that we’re doing our best to keep the HUD clear of numbers by putting the ammo count on the weapon itself. We’re hoping to have the 6 lights on the side indicate how many shots you have left in the clip but this isn’t implemented yet.

We hope you enjoyed the quick look at this trusty marine staple! Let us know what you think.

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