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This weekend, the Natural Selection 2 World Championship was announced. This Monday, the world started to take notice. Amongst others, Tom Sykes of PC Gamer, Emily Gera of Polygon and Dan of AusGamers have written articles about the funding effort. After last nights setback, this news will no doubt be very welcome to WasabiOne, Reddog, Zefram and the rest of the NS2WC team.


This had brought smiles to the Unknown Worlds office. We are so proud of everyone that is making this happen. Not only have WasabiOne and co. committed to a huge organisational undertaking, they have put themselves at the forefront of the community.

Standing out there is lonely. When everyone is watching you, the commentary comes thick and fast. Some people thought Unknown Worlds was creating this event, and left the NS2WC team reeling with some pretty mean words. Others have criticised the scope and scale of the dream: ‘It’s too hard… No way that can happen… lol.’

As a game developer – We are used to being able to handle the hate and the love at the same time. We have developed a thick skin, and we can sense passion in anger. The NS2WC team hasn’t – And the firestorm of love, hate, goodwill, illwill, encouragement, detriment, criticism and praise has left some of them wondering what they are supposed to do.

Watching the gaming press take up the story has reminded us, and the NS2WC team, that what they are trying to do is truly wonderful. That stretching to take the game we love to a place that has hitherto been the exclusive domain of massive companies is noble. That giving players on every corner of this planet the chance to fly across the world to compete is honourable.

We’ve got their back. The gaming press has their back. And we know you have their back. There are thirty days left to put this thing in orbit – and ladies and gentlemen, we will put it in orbit.

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