Build 280: Modding Tools Update!

Posted by trevor 9 years ago

It’s finally here, the long-awaited FBX compiler tools!  That’s right, you heard correctly: the Spark model pipeline has been brought out of the stone-ages.  No longer shall modders be forced to use ancient, outdated software to create their models for Spark.  They are free to use the latest versions of any software they choose.  As long as the software supports the Autodesk FBX format, Spark can use it.  I have also included a new manual detailing the capabilities of the model format, and how to use the tools.  This should be useful not only for people using the new pipeline, but the old pipeline as well.

During the development of the tool, I was using the “peeper” fish from Subnautica as a test for getting an animated model from Maya LT into Spark.  I’m happy to announce that this has been included as an example file with this new build.  You can find the sample in your “Natural Selection 2/assets” directory.

Also included in this build is a bug fix for people being forced to play the tutorial multiple times.  Contrary to popular opinion, that’s not supposed to happen.



P.S. The .blend compiler utility is pretty much done.  Just working on packaging that up.  Won’t be long now!

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