The Flamethrower

Posted by unknownworlds 14 years ago

We wanted to put together a quick update showing off one of the new weapon classes that is in NS2 – the Flamethrower. While still a work in progress, it will be in the next patch for those with Alpha access to play around with.

The basics of the weapon are pretty straightforward. The primary fire will spray a cone of flaming death that will barbeque aliens and alien structures. The initial flame burst will do the most damage, but players and structures will remain on fire for some time after, continuing to lose health but at a slower rate. We played around with having targets on fire set others nearby on fire, but it quickly became apparent that it would be abused by griefers.

Currently there is no secondary fire implemented for the Flamethrower, though we have several ideas kicking around that we’d like to experiment with. One very useful gameplay aspect of the flamethrower, however, is that it can be used to clear rooms of Dynamic Infestation. It’s likely that the flamethrower will be the only item in the Marines’ arsenal capable of this, making it extremely necessary for pushing back the alien advance.

When faced with a raging inferno of fiery destruction the aliens will be cheered to see their fat firemen friends racing to the rescue – Gorges will be able to put out fires using their heal spray.

Finally, here is some brief in-game footage put together quickly to give you a taste for the pyromaniacal fun of setting a Hive room on fire.

We hope you enjoyed this look at the flamethrower!

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