The Babbler King

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Starship Troopers had the Brain Bug, Aliens had the Queen, now Natural Selection 2 has its King.

Introducing…the Babbler King!

The Marines have always suspected there was an entity behind the scenes coordinating the mindless Kharaa creatures. A special expedition team was sent into the abandoned Mineshaft facility. Their only goal was to uncover evidence of this unknown entity. Only one man made it back, Steve. Steve says this entity is unlike the others. For he is noble and wears a lovely crown.

The Babbler King is the new Alien class for beloved, cherished, hit game Natural Selection 2.

  • His Crown commands respect.
  • His Cyst Beard (TM) displays confidence.
  • His Throne model is too big and doesn’t fit through most hallways in the game. So he features the ability to stay in one room the whole game!
  • And his tentacle dreads remind us that inside, Alien or Marine, we are all HUMAN BEINGS, and we simply want to be loved, and we want Babbler Pie after dinner.

Three brand spankin’ new abilities!

Game of Thorns – Using his fierce, regal, and Swedish made Scepter, a procession of Marine-hating thorns appears in front of the Babbler King. When set on fire, these thorns gain the ability to roll. Rolling spikes are impossible and no current physics engine supports such a silly concept. This required us to spend TWO whole weeks rewriting our physics engine to support rolling spikes. We did this because YOU ASKED FOR IT!

Babbler Minion Summon Stick – Babblers. He’s got em. You want em. Over THREE HUNDRED and FIFTY Babblers EXPLODE out of the Babbler King’s Throne. They will seek and destroy what they perceive to be the enemy King, the player in the server with the most points. They will latch on to this player and suck out all of his points, returning them to the Babbler King. The Babbler King may do whatever he pleases with these points.

Gluttonous Sad Time Sack – Borrowing a famous ability from the Natural Selection 1 Onos, the Babbler King may decide you shall become his food. He may consume any player in the game (including Aliens) at any time without limit. This provides no benefit other than forcing other players to quickly respect this mighty leader! Because what is a King without respect?

And watch out for these exciting alternate skins coming soon as "free" DLC:

  • Casual Babbler King Fridays – $2.99
  • Nighty Time Robe Outfit – $0.99
  • Inverted Babbler King – $8.99
  • Halloween Marine Costume Babbler King – $1.49

We’re hoping to get this in Build 203, hope you like it! Let us know what other cool things you want us to add to the game!

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