Squad Five Launch

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Summit. Turtle. Overmind. Radiance. Insight. Translations. The list goes on: Content created by the community that is shaping Natural Selection 2 in fundamental ways. You guys have taken Spark and started to create the game you want – And we are thrilled.

Now, we are months from release. The clock is ticking. And we need your help. Years ago, the NS2 E-Team was created to try to focus community skill into NS2 promotion. Since launch, it has fallen away and doesn’t have much buzz left.

The E-Team is dead. Welcome to Squad 5.

Squad 5 aims to give you the tools you need to create whatever you want for NS2, and be rewarded for it.

Finally – be sure to join the steam group!

A dedicated forum, project space in a program called Backpack, developers discussing your ideas, and of course: TF2 Hats.

Kidding! But we do have some lovely shiny icons, that will show up on the forums and in game.

Each icon is earned for different levels of awesome. For example, if you created an in depth informative first post on a large gaming forum, you might earn the blue level. Organising an entire NS2 tournament involving lots of teams, casting, and viewers might get you to silver. Gold, well we haven’t worked out gold. But it would be big!

One of the primary tools we are giving you to play with is called 37 Signals Basecamp: This will be your playground, the place where you can share, discuss, upload, and collaborate on whatever NS2 project takes your fancy.

Head on over to the new Squad 5 forum for more information on how these shenanigans will work.

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