Squad Five Awards: Round 3

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Time for round 3! The rate of community contributions to NS2 is as high as ever, and we are due to pass out awards to people who have done great things for the game and its community.

If you know someone who has made a consistent, outstanding contribution to the NS2 community, nominate them here. Include as much information as you can!

Here is the second list of great community contributors:

Squad Five

  • GISP | Spreading the word about NS2 articles
  • axamdeep | Efforts in creating and helping the NS2 Chinese community
  • Quovatis | Contributions to competitive play, and NS2 Wiki updates
  • twiliteblue | Alienvision prototype mods
  • Arcl!ght | Positive, active and motivated casting of NS2 matches
  • rantology | Creation of fantastic NS2 artwork / Insight contributions
  • korvo | NS2 Wiki writing, enthusiasm in creating NS2 adverts
  • MetaMatt | Steam-workshop how-to guide
  • Argathor | Creation of livestream database and list
  • oldassgamers | Dedicated server video tutorial
  • Hos | Thirsty Onos Gorge Crew!
  • quazilin | Efforts in recreating the map Metal
  • Does the list look like it is missing someone you know? Do you think someone deserving of an award has been missed? Please, if you know of someone who is doing great things for NS2, nominate them in the nomination form!

    The icons will still not yet show up in game. Our priorities right now must of course be gameplay and performance, so rest assured the icons will come one day and in the mean time they will appear on the forums!

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