Squad 5 is back!

Posted by sebastian 8 years ago

Some of you may know about a little program that started, called Squad 5.

It was a UWE initiative which publicly recognizes and awards certain nominated community members for their contributions to Natural Selection 2 and its community, by means of an in-game badge. While it has been a great way to show thanks to the unparalleled level of dedication that our community demonstrates, it has had a checkered past. From being dropped entirely for years, to being delayed for months, all while hidden in a little sub forum of its own for very few to see.

I am here to announce that the program is once again alive and kicking, but this time we will be proudly displaying these wonderful contributors in a blog like this one that is visible to everyone, including those in game, right on the main menu!

This is how Squad 5 was meant to be deployed : Proudly and for all to see.

Our community is one in which other development teams wish for; they are dedicated, loyal and imaginative. They deserve to be recognized by their peers, and to show others who may be considering contributions of their own, that their time is well spent and appreciated.

Thank you all for your contributions, and thank you to those who took the time to nominate them.

Note that the only way a member can be considered for Squad 5 is if YOU nominate them here!

Be sure to congratulate these community members, in game or in these forums, they deserve it.

Squad 5 Silver Badge  Squad 5 Silver

@Flaterectomy For the continued work on Caged, as well as your recent and invaluable Spark Editor video tutorials and lastly, your community encouraging “Detailing Exercises” that inspire mappers to compete and share their imaginative works with one another. Your detailed focus on assisting the community and encouraging their participation is the embodiment of what the Squad 5 program was created for.

Squad 5 Blue Badge  Squad 5 Blue

@SupaFred For hosting the Thirsty Onos servers that are a huge part of the NS2 community and demonstrate supportive behavior towards newcomers, as well as his constant support of custom maps in the map rotation. For hosting servers for EU PT, giving advice to other server operators and lastly, for hosting a Steam Workshop backup server for any server operators in need – an amazing resource. Your sense of community and your contributions to it are laudable.

@Wyzcrak For fostering the NS2 community through his Tactical Gamer servers which are one of the longest lasting (since NS1 days), that have embodied communication and a strong community that is rivaled by few in the US. He has spent countless hours making unique server mods like Win or Lose, Spectator Bets, Laps, a robust Captains mod and a beloved scheduled Captains night. He often promotes custom maps, gathers feedback for the author, and employs rookie friendly mods such as @remi 's prime-able power nodes. These servers have been a pillar in the community to many over the years.

@tudy For putting so much effort in preparing off season events (as well as others) for NSL and assisting with forming new teams to compete in NS2, all thanks to his successful newcomer tournament. Here's hoping there's more of those to come!

@Feathermonster – She's helped the NSL to flourish through communication tools such as Twitter and Steam groups, as well as helping with the NSL website and taking care of NSL casters. Additionally, she has been a great help leading the Map Testing group, and providing useful art related feedback. Thank you for your contributions, Feather!

A guide how to claim your new badge is avaible here.

Thanks everyone, and congrats!


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