Site performance

Posted by unknownworlds 17 years ago

We had some big problems with site performance when the site was launched a couple hours ago, but our resident web programmer Zoc managed to pull off some nice out of the box thinking to get around them. Now we have 100 using the site with no problems, let’s hope we can keep scaling up!

People have been asking us one thing like crazy: "What engine are we going to use for NS2?". The short answer is – we don’t know yet. The longer answer is we’re evaluating Source (Half-life II) right now and expect we’ll use it unless we have some big problems with it. We’re implementing the most tricky technical stuff up front in our own engine (hint: it has to do with "dynamically changing environments") and that’s what we’re testing in Source now.

Max could bang out his own engine in no time (yes, really!), but we want to stay focused on the game, not the technology.

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