Seeking players for Map Testing

Posted by WasabiOne 9 years ago

Work never stops with the Community Development Team and that includes Maps. You’ll notice I use the plural there, that’s because right now we are currently in some stage of development on over five maps. We have a great team of map developers and programmers all working to make these maps the best they can be, but at the end of the day some of the most crucial feedback and adjustments come from game-play. If potential maps aren’t given the proper attention by managed games then the mappers rely too much on theory crafting and that just isn’t what we do.

What we need now is players, this mean you! The CDT is looking for players of all skill that can make a weekly set game time to play and give feedback on any number of maps. These maps can be in any stage of development from concept to grey boxed or even a fully detailed version. Below is an image of one of the new maps currently being worked on. Derelict is looking to be another great map in the collection and this could be your chance to play and help shape it before anyone else.


If this something that you want to help with please take a few moments to fill out the survey at the link below and we will contact you shortly.

With your help we will continue to expand the awesome universe of Natural Selection 2!

Survey Link:

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