Rifle Rework

Posted by unknownworlds 13 years ago

Deviating from the usual patch release blog posts, we’ve decided to put together a quick preview of a visual overhaul we recently made to an important game asset. The Marine Assault Rifle.

As you can see from the comparison renders, the Rifle has undergone significant changes, while still keeping some of the basic framework. We felt the old Rifle was too bulky and boxy, with soft, rounded looking edges that made it appear shapeless in parts, and that some of the details were cluttered and noisy.

The new Rifle, which will be in the upcoming 186 patch, has been trimmed down, both in width and height, and the slimmer look should not only help it to match its gameplay role better, but also have the added benefit of freeing up extra screen space. The barrel has been lengthened so that it can be seen extending beyond the front section of the gun, which has a much better feel when aiming and firing the weapon in game. The bolt lever was increased in size to make it appear easier to grab onto when cocking the Rifle, and the shell ejection port has been moved to the opposite side of the gun so that the spent shell casings no longer eject into the Marine’s face. The Grenade Launcher attachment rail at the front of the Rifle was beefed up, so that the segments are clearer and the rail feels more like a substantial part for the GL to mount to. And there have been quite a few other cosmetic changes to the details, shapes, and proportions of the various parts of the Rifle.

Since the Rifle is the staple of the Marine’s arsenal, we felt it was worth the additional time and effort to revisit and revise this particular game asset. We think this new design feels sleeker, tougher, and meaner then the old one and we hope you agree as well.

As always, if you want to get in on the beta, and try the new Rifle design out for yourself, you can pre-order Natural Selection 2 from here.

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