PAX East 2013

At Unknown Worlds, we have a special affection for PAX. PAX East 2012 was our first convention. It was one of the greatest challenges the team took on during the NS2 development, and brought us press attention and public affection that would last all the way through launch. Now, we’re going back to Boston. It’s time for PAX East 2013.

Here is a video from PAX East 2012, showing us creating our own booth, nearly getting kicked off the show floor, and generally being total amateurs:


Later in the year, we went to PAX Prime 2012 in Seattle. With a booth staffed by volunteers and a shiny proper stand, it was a fantastic pre-launch success:


Our first two PAX’s were great fun, but this time, we w ant to do things a little bit differently. Because PAX is a physical show, it is hard for people who aren’t there to participate. So this time, we are going to throw a party everyone can come to!

PAXE13pageheadingyouOver PAX weekend, something very cool will happen to Natural Selection 2. We can’t tell you what it is just yet, but it’s something everyone can participate in, no matter where you are in the world.

On Monday, 18 March, we will tell you what the party is. We hope you will participate and make it a big success!

What’s more, we are going to try to live stream quite a bit from the show floor. This is no easy task – Internet connections for booths can cost upwards of $10,000. Obviously, we can’t afford that. But we have some clever ideas for how we might be able to bring you guys the action from the show floor… Of course, we will do daily YouTube updates as well!


PAX East starts on March 22 and runs through March 24. The party (you know, the one we can’t tell you about yet!) will start a little earlier, during show setup. Once we announce what the party is, we will post up Facebook, Google+ and Steam events to help you know the timing across the world!