Patch 292 Live on Steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago

Hello recruits!

We are currently working behind the scenes on thoughts and changes based on your feedback over the last few months. While we do this, there are still other things being developed and explored. This patch is code-named: STICKY SHOE, it contains a new collectible features that allows players to unlock and trade special inventory items attached to your steam profile.  There are some very fun and unique items that Obraxis & Rantology have dreamed up for you to go after. If the community likes them then more will come over time, so try and get em all! In addition, we have some more fixes to some annoying issues and we are working to address some additional long standing bugs as well.

For all those modders out there, take a look at the patch notes below in the SDK section to see some additional changes that have been made.

Until next time, Happy Skulking!


Tweaks / Improvements

  • Added a bunch of new collectible items you can earn by playing the game or by trading with others. See if you can get all 15!


  • Fixed respawning at random view angles. Your camera view after spawning will now match where you were looking while respawning
  • Fixed that constructing only rewarded 1 instead of 5 score points
  • Fixed that bots counted for the max player check causing players to be unable to join a server


  • All C-style code comments have been refactored to Lua-style (this allows you to use any editor which supports Lua to work with the ns2 code base)
  • Added ability to assign a mod type and a compatibility tag to your mods in Launchpad, while will be displayed in the Workshop and can be used to filter certain mod types.
    • Please update your old mods with tags, especially crosshairs, hitsounds, and alien vision ones!

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