Patch 287 Released on Steam!

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago
Patch 287

Hi everyone!

Continuing our theme of the week, Patch 287 adds some additional support to help new players learn about the game before joining the ranks. We are now able to guide new players through an on-screen checklist, to help them learn all the basics of the game. If they complete these tasks they are rewarded a new shoulder patch (‘Eat your Greens’). The other benefit in having this system hooked up is that we now have Steam Achievements for the rest of the players out there! So prepare yourself and see how many achievements you can collect, we will continue to add more over time and are open to suggestions on fun/harder ones to achieve too.

Next up we are working to implement some of the ideas and requests from the ‘Simplifying NS2 thread’ and document. Our continued efforts with the help of the community’s feedback should help both retain more players and allow current players to effect change. That’s a big positive for everyone. Check out the changelog below and stay tuned for what comes next!


Tweaks / Improvements

  • Added 48 new Achievements for you to collect
  • Added 5 tasks specially for new players and a new shoulder patch as reward for completing them (shown on the main menu)
  • Tip videos will no longer play while connected to a dedicated server, so new players can focus on the game. They are still accessible from the Training menu
  • Changed Trello button on main menu to link to our NS2 Discord chatroom instead (come say Hi!)
  • Use an achievement to track if the tutorial was completed instead of a config option.
  • Tutorial improvements are now for everyone (no more A/B comparison)
  • Added more granular analytics to the Tutorial, to find out where people are getting stuck
  • Welder now draws faster and begins building immediately (like the build tool).


  • Fixed issue with repairing destroyed power nodes where it would not bring out your build tool or welder
  • Fixed Linux clients getting a black screen on startup due to awesomium being less than awesome
  • Restored the old behavior of the rookie only server browser filter: It shows rookie only servers when ticked otherwise not.
  • The annotate command has been fixed (Thanks Salads!)

SDK / Editor

  • Added a Server.IsDedicated() script function to distinguish between local hosted (listen servers) and remote hosted (dedicated servers) from lua script
  • Fixed crash in Editor that could occur with the Trim Tool.



  • Fixed structures being un-powered in Terminal if placed in the upper-left corner of the room.


  • Fixed CommanderInvisible faces, cinematics, and props throughout the map
  • Fixed some odd faces clipping through areas where they shouldn’t
  • Fixed several holes in south-western portion of the map
  • Fixed some excluded OcclusionGeometry faces
  • Made vents more visible (and connected) on the map overlay by adding several missing props and faces to CommanderInvisibleVents
  • Fixed an issue causing Seasonal (and secret room) props to be visible on map overlay
  • Added addition line of sight block in the form of derelict_vines_2b in Turbines for balance
  • Decreased size of central tree in Turbines for sanity and balance
  • Pipe props moved in Alley for blocking line of sight for balance

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