NSL Invitational Grand Final goes Intercontinental!

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For over ten years, Natural Selection has been played competitively. For over ten years, there has been a ‘European scene’ and a ‘North American scene.’ Today, the barrier between the two came crashing down.

Nexzil has made it to the Grand Final of the Natural Selection League Invitational Cup. That means that UWE is putting them on a plane across the Atlantic Ocean, to Germany! There, they will face Archaea, the hitherto undisputed kings of competitive NS2 . No pings, no lags, both teams sitting less than six feet from each other.

You can watch many of the matches that lead to Nexzil vs Archaea on twitch.tv/naturalselection2 (Scroll down to past broadcasts.) Check ensl.org for details of which Twitch channels carried other matches!

ESL Studio

The event will be livecast on twitch.tv/naturalselection2, and will be on the front page of Twitch.tv. The teams are playing for a share in $7,300 in prizes (split TBA soon). There is still plenty of space available for you to be in the live studio audience of the event. If live near Cologne, or live far away and have deep pockets, you are more than welcome to attend! The studio is awesome, and the teams would be thrilled the chill with you!

If you would like to put this event in your calendar so you don’t forget to tune in, here it is on various social media sites:

Steam Event
Facebook Event
Google+ Event

It’s going to be massive!


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