NSL Invitational Day One Results

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If you don’t like spoilers, do not look at the image above! It contains the results of all the matches played today, from the official results page on ensl.org. The play today was incredible.

All the teams that participated deserve praise for their professional and punctual manner, sportmanlike behavior and astounding skill. Having first person spectator allowed viewers to take a close look at just how good these players are.

The official livestream lasted six hours, and was watched at its peak by 1,500 concurrent viewers. Twitch put us on the front page, viewer numbers consistent, and the chat friendly and positive. Community streams from GohanZeta, Reddog and others carried on with streams even after Hugh and Dillon ran out of steam and games on the official one.

All matches can be viewed by going to the various live stream channels and scrolling down the Video-On-Demand (VOD) archives.

Tomorrow, the action resumes, and the day promises to be just as epic. The final stages of Round 2 will be played, along with the semi-finals. Tomorrow, we find out who gets to go to Germany and play for $7,300 in prizes.

For the stream start time in your local time zone, consult the map below:

Day2 Start times

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