NSL Season 3 Grand Final – Premier Division

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Season 3 of the Natural Selection League is drawing to an epic conclusion, with a premier division Grand Final that will see the sister republics face off across the Atlantic: Legendary Snails, of France vs Titus Gaming, of the United States*.

Opening shots have already been fired. President Hollande has told the French team that anything less than total victory will be très embarrassante, and result in them being tied to the top of la tour eiffel for tourists to gawk at. President Obama has warned Titus that should they fail to win for Uncle Sam, he will force the entire team to hand wash the entire fuselage of Air Force One, twice.


The mighty Snails during their victory at the European Open 2013

Both countries are tearing down their respective statues of the Lady Liberty, believing such a display of shared ideals and values is inappropriate in light of the seriousness of video games.

The Grand Final will be cast by Reddog and Blind, and broadcast live on Twitch.tv/reddogtv. Be there to watch the epic fight unfold. To convert the match start into your chosen time zone, subscribe to one of these events:


For more information about the event, head on over to the ENSL post.

*Syknik is from Canada. But isn’t that just the 51st state? We don’t know our geography. When contacted for comment, Prime Minister Harper indicated that he thought Syknik would ‘carry the rest of those noobs.’

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