NS2WC Audience Tickets Available

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In a few weeks time, the Natural Selection 2 World Championship will begin. The best teams from all over the planet will vie for one of four spaces in a live finals series in Cologne, Germany.

NS2 has visited Cologne before – The European Open 2012 & NSL Invitational 2013 Grand Finals were held in the ELTV Lounge studio. Both times, a live audience attended, and in the case of the NSL Invitational, added huge life to the event.

This time, we’re going bigger and better. The NS2WC Finals Series (Both Semi’s and Grand) will be held a new, bigger studio called the Arena. Featuring stadium seating for one hundred people, and an elevated stage, it is a very cool space.

You can attend the NS2WC Finals Series and watch the event live in person on February 22nd, 2014. You will be able to mix with the teams and casters, meet Flayra, and heckle, cheer, boo and whoop through every match. Tickets are free and require only email and name registration. Reserve your tickets here. Check out a blog post by the NS2WC here.

Because space is limited, the NS2WC will contact you to ensure that you are who you say you are, and that you will be attending the event. Please do not reserve tickets unless you are certain of your travel plans to Cologne, Germany. So far, people from all over the world have registered to attend. This event promises to be a wonderful mix of NS2 community members from all corners of the Earth.

If you cannot attend the event in person, never fear. Every moment will be broadcast live on twitch.tv/naturalselection2!

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