NS2 on sale, Reinforcement Program winding down

Posted by 9 years ago

Apparently, a small online games retailer called Steam started having a sale today. We’ve got no idea who Steam is, but they seem cool, and you can get Natural Selection 2 on there for 75% off. You might also notice a new item, the ‘Natural Selection 2 Mega Pack.’ This pack contains Natural Selection 2, Deluxe DLC, Reaper, Kodiak, and Reinforcement Packs, and Natural Selection 2: Combat. All for 90% off!

Wait, what? Reinforcement Pack? What the hell is that? A little while ago, we asked for input on a potential plan to wind down the Reinforcement Program and transfer some of its components to the Steam Store. The Reinforcement Pack is the first part of executing that plan: It contains the Assault Marine (male & female), Shadow Skulk, and assault shoulder pad.

If you purchased Reinforcement Program tier Silver or above, check your email (The one you used to purchase the tier) inbox. You will find a complimentary key for the Reinforcement Pack on there, reflecting the fact that you already own bits of it.

In three days, we are going to close down the Reinforcement Program website. All tiers will close, except for Shadow, which will be transferred to a new web page. We’re keeping Shadow available because the Community Development Team (CDT) has some cool ideas about its future. If you want any other tier, now’s the time: They will never be available ever again.

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