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Posted by obraxis 9 years ago
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Ed. Note: The context for this article can be found in the post “Let’s try something new.”

Hey everyone, it’s great to chat to you all about NS2.

For the last 1.5 years, NS2 has been developed by an incredible team of Community Members who have put amazing time and effort into making NS2 better, for the love of the game & the community as a whole. The CDT ‘Community Development Team’ has made great strides with the game, especially given the fact it was all during free time. I’m certain our community is exceptionally thankful to all the people who have contributed to NS2 in some way.

We now have the opportunity to energize the player-base and push forward with a dedicated new official NS2 Dev Team. That team is as follows:



*Rantology*​: Artistic direction, 2D art production

​*BeigeAlert*​: Technical Artistic direction, 3D Art, content-tools

​*Obraxis*​: Animation/CG, QA & community relations



​*McGlaspie*​: Engineering direction, build & network infrastructure.

​*Matso*​: Low-level engineering, engine focus.

​*Ghoul*​: High-level engineering, game-play script focus.



​*Wasabi*​: Operational direction, game-play direction

​*Hugh*​: High-level strategy, financial direction, project management.


Clearly, this is a small team and virtually all of them are working part-time, with McGlaspie full-time. Just as the original UWE NS2 Dev team relied heavily on community contributions during NS2’s original development, we will also actively encourage community members to make and create awesome things for NS2. Made a cool map or skin? Awesome! Post it on the forums for all to see. We’ll be working on making the modding tools easier to use with modern software and with better features.

As my final thought, I’d like to give special mention to CDT members Mendasp, Samusdroid, fsfod, computerquip, Remi, Loki, Flaterectomy, seb & PT Leads Asraniel, Decoy, Narfwak,  MT Lead Zavaro as well as Ironhorse & Comprox and anyone else in CDT, PT, MT and the SCC for all their contributions and their continued support. It’s together as a community we’ve got this far, and it’s together as a community we’ll continue to encourage new and returning players to play NS2 again. NS2 is a great game, let’s make it greater.

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