NS2 custom model importing guide

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Hi there NS2 community. For my first blog post in almost two years at Unknown Worlds I have a tasty treat.

I spent a little time over the weekend to record out the first four videos in a series about how to do my job… This set explains the basics of the Viewer, Builder, the export process from 3ds Max, and how to create model compile and material files. Future videos will include a guide to set up custom physics objects, animations, ragdolls, and a guide to using the Spark Cinematic Editor. Hopefully this will be useful for people that are interested in importing their own custom models to use for mods and cinematics!

Disclaimer: Recording these guides is not my day job so I am sorry if I suck at it. Next time I won’t have the fan on in the background! If you feel like I missed some things or would like to leave feedback to improve future videos, please comment below.

Part 1 – Launchpad and Viewer

Part 2 – Builder

Part 3 – 3DS Max Exporting

Part 4 – Model Compile and Material files


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