Update 338 – Matched Play BETA

Posted by WasabiOne 1 year ago

Update 338 includes fixes found with the initial release of MATCHED PLAY (read more here). MATCHED PLAY lobbies are once again active and ready for use. Some additional regions have been added/removed based on performance feedback. Your continued use and feedback on the system while in BETA will help us refine features while we move towards delivering the 1.0 version soon.

Remember all sales of NS2 and DLC directly affect our development budget and allow our team to continue work on NS2.



  • Wiped existing Matched Play penalties for all players
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the Ready Room due to multiple causes. 
  • Removed the Norway server for the time being from the list of Matched Play

Update 337 – Matched Play BETA

Posted by WasabiOne 1 year ago

The Development team never stops and although at times some updates don’t seem as full of changes, there is always behind the scenes efforts being made. One of those biggest efforts over the last year has been our new Matched Play system, code named Thunderdome. Update 337 is our big unveiling to the general public of the new Matched Play BETA and a flurry of other changes and updates throughout the game.

Matched Play in its current state will allow 12 players to be matched by region and skill levels to the best of HIVE’s ability. You then play two rounds on an officially hosted server. The intent of this system is to create a better experience for players looking