NS2: Combat Release Date Announced!

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Prepare to be devoured. Combat is back. After a year of development, this one-time Natural Selection 2 mod is going standalone: On October 31.

combatscreen1Eleven years ago, a mod called Natural Selection was released. Nine years later, that mod spawned a stand-alone game: Natural Selection 2. Now, Combat is the mod evolving from to a fully-fledged stand alone game on Steam. Faultline Games formed from the Combat modding team, and has spent the last year rewriting and recreating the classic mod. Check out who is on the Faultline team right here.


Combat is a faster paced, more tactical, more intense take on the Natural Selection style of multiplayer shooter. It does not feature the strategic top-down commander role, and puts tactical choices in the hands of individual players. Choose your abilities, weaponry, life-form and equipment and then fight it out on tight, chaotic arenas.


One of the best features of Combat is that it is much easier to find, join, and enjoy games with players of equal strength. The game features an in-built ranking system that automatically grades everyone’s skill over time, and then drops you into servers with similarly skilled players.

combatscreen4Combat goes on sale on the eleventh anniversary of Natural Selection’s release. Everyone at Unknown Worlds is immensely proud of the team at Faultline Games: Putting together a great mod is one thing, but creating stand-alone games presents quality requirements and engineering challenges that modding does not. Faultline has risen to the challenge, and they are, like Unknown Worlds ourselves, living examples of the power of modding in games.


To support Faultline and Combat, go to the Steam Store page and hit ‘Follow’ below the screenshot section.


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