NS2 Build 218 released

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

We just finished up a quick patch, hot on the heels of the Onos/Veil epic Build 217. This patch is mostly bug fixes and improvements.


  • Increased mature hydra health by 30%. Decreased spread on hydra spikes so they are more accurate. Removed inaccuracy versus fast-moving targets.
  • Reduced Lerk umbra energy cost from 30 to 25.
  • Reduced marine total sprint distance and recovery time to make more intentional. Added "out of breath" sound effect when you run to exhaustion.
  • The MAC is no longer able to weld for 1 second after taking damage.
  • Adjusted minimum (and minimum-emergency) egg spawn rates to increase the spawn rate when many aliens are dead.
  • Increased Exosuit research from 20 to 30.


  • Attempt to improve wall jumping by adding more of a vertical boost.
  • Fix server browser column sorting order (e.g. first click on the ping column will always sort in ascending order).
  • Fixed TechNode:GetHasTech on client side.
  • Fixed aliens not being able to damage partially repaired powernodes.
  • Fixed bug causing the first click on the Commander minimap to be ignored.
  • Fixed bug where aliens could upgrade the same hive type multiple times.
  • Fixed bug where Gorge could attack during belly slide.
  • Fixed bug where marine could purchase weapons when in vortex.
  • Fixed bug where other players would not hear the pistol attack sound.
  • Fixed bug where the GUI would stop updating after hot-loading Lua files.
  • Fixed bug where the server could send an update to the client even if the world had not been updated (could cause poor interpolation for server side simulated objects).
  • Fixed crash when calling destroy on a nil render object.
  • Fixed exploit where a player could gain unresearched abilities when evolving with a commander dropped egg to a higher life form.
  • Fixed incorrect icons displaying on the death screen (The pistol will not display when you are killed by the Exo Minigun for example).
  • Fixed incorrect interpolation of grenades.
  • Fixed issue where the Exosuit interior was lit by the outside world when the cockpit was closed.
  • Fixed issue with commander ping interfering with default voice keybind (ping can now only be triggered with mouse button 3 or the icon at the minimap).
  • Fixed script error caused by using sv_say or sv_tsay without providing any message.
  • Fixed spike attack sound triggered too early.
  • Fixed vortexed units being affected by bilebomb.
  • Increased Lerk spore energy cost a bit so they can’t be spammed forever with Adrenaline.
  • Increased Lerk umbra radius a bit to more accurately match the effect.
  • Insight – tech point damage audio and flashing red warning not working.
  • Marine commander sees now player health bars again.
  • Moved Shade to use ModelMixin; it animates too much for it to be a good ClientModelMixin candidate.
  • Sentries now correctly attack hallucinations.
  • Server/Client side hitbox mismatch for some structures.
  • Shooting the Shift will always result in damage now, it was inconsistent before.
  • The Exo no longer displays the weapon switch indicator at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Exo no longer tracks cloaked enemies on the UI.
  • The Mine will no longer damage enemies on the other side of a wall.
  • The Mine will no longer explode when it detects an enemy through a wall.
  • The button image for Welder on the Commander interface is no longer blank.
  • Weapons will no longer float above the Marine after they are knocked down to the ground from the Onos stomp ability.


  • Added an image that is displayed on the UI when there are connection problems to alert the player.
  • Camera is closer to egg when you’re evolving: looks better and makes you paranoid about what might be sneaking up on you.
  • Marines now drop weapons which cost resources (same as when they die) before entering an exosuit.
  • The sv_status command may now be used by all clients on the server.


  • Fixed problem where you couldn’t drop anything between Sub Access and Maintenance.
  • Fixed some Commander building exploits (Thanks rantology!).


  • Detailing changes in Repair room, added tram tunnel signs.
  • Fixed texture issues in some rooms.


  • Changed precached cinematics to be loaded when the client starts.
  • Fixed issue where materials could be loaded and unloaded during ray tracing.


  • Fixed hot loading of textures and surface shaders in the tools.
  • IP address is no longer displayed in sv_status, sv_statusip can be used for that now (only available for admins).


  • No more girl screams.


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