NS2 Build 210 changelog

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Hey everyone,

We released NS2 Build 210 on Friday. Hugh is still in Sweden @ Dreamhack, so we’re going to skip the patch video this time. However, you can get an idea of the biggest change from this video

NS2 Build 210


  • Added new map: ns2_docking
  • Removed structure energy from the game. All abilities that used to cost energy (Cysts, Distress Beacon, etc.) now cost team resources.
  • Added Fade Vortex ability (tier 3). Fade can send structure or player temporarily into the "ether".
  • Added new Armory and Prototype Lab "buy" menus.
  • Added ghost structure effect for unbuilt Marine structures.
  • Added view model for mines.


  • Changed crosshair hit indicator to disappear faster.
  • Crosshair no longer moves with the camera.
  • Changed whip grenade whack to aim the grenade away from friendly units instead of throwing it back to the attacker.
  • Ghost structures will now vanish when touched by infestation.
  • Increased shade cloak radius from 15 to 22.
  • Marine command can now recycle unbuilt structures.
  • Recycling a Ghost Structure no longer gives back all resources and takes some time.
  • Reduced shotgun spread slightly.
  • Weapons drop their reserve ammo now as separate packs which can be picked up by marines carrying the correct weapon.


  • Eggs will no longer spawn on top of Resource Points.
  • Fixed bug in console binding system when the player has a lot of bindings defined.
  • Fixed bug where cloaked alien structures on low HP show blood effect.
  • Fixed bug where hydras attached to clogs could fall through the world.
  • Fixed bug where resource towers won’t display build/research progress bar.
  • Fixed bug where sounds stop playing when switching abilities/weapons.
  • Fixed bug where the Alien commander could see a Jetpack flying around without seeing the attached Marine in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where the weapon draw sound would play multiple times when the player stopped using something.
  • Fixed damage indicator is not shown for welder.
  • Fixed exploit regarding Hypermutation.
  • Fixed rare script error caused by an Alien ability finishing researching while an Alien player is dead.
  • Fixed wall jump exploit.
  • Fixed welder icon shown on dead units.
  • It is no longer possible to change spectator modes while waiting to spawn (Thanks Hampton).
  • It is now possible to spawn at Eggs nearby Hives that were recently killed.
  • Prevent scanning of black area outside of map (was costing resources before).
  • Using "kill" in the console while spectating will no longer do anything.


  • Added clear_binding command to remove a console binding.
  • Cysts and infestation now cloaks (Shade).
  • Input to the Commander minimap and buttons is ignored when drag selecting units.
  • Publishes/updates of mods now use the maximum zip compression level instead of the default (great reduction in size — thanks for noticing, fsfod).


  • Fixed shadowing issue in the Sub Access tech point.
  • Fixed stuck issue in Computer Lab.
  • Fixed stuck issue in Sub Access stairs.
  • Fixed stuck issue in the corridor between Atrium and Crevice.
  • Fixed stuck issue in the remaining Flight Control chairs.
  • Fixed stuck issue in the stairs in Summit Reception.
  • Moved Power Point in Data Core near the res nozzle location.
  • Moved Power Point in Flight Control near the stairs.
  • Moved Power Point in Sub Access to the old res nozzle location.
  • Moved Sub Access res nozzle to the pit.
  • Smoothed out player movement in the ReadyRoom.


  • Added fog_area_modifier used to control the fog settings in an area of the world.
  • Fixed bug where animated textures would not properly update when rendering an AVI from the Cinematic Editor.
  • Fixed bug where the "specular" property for level lights wasn’t taken into account in the Cinematic Editor.

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