NS2 Build 208

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

NS2 Build 208 is now live on Steam!

Alien Commander love

  • Fixing the alien commander economy so the player must make a trade-off between attacking, expanding and teching up.
  • Cysts and Drifters cost energy
  • Hives don’t start with any Drifters
  • Tweaked Hive, Harvester, upgrade structures, hydra and egg maturation times (generally shorter)
  • Reduced cyst connection range somewhat
  • Increased Drifter move speed to make them feasible near combat
  • Hives can be dropped without needing infestation (to allow fast expansion)
  • Added Enzyme Cloud – a new Drifter ability which allows the Commander to cast a cloud into battle which speeds up the rate of fire for all aliens inside it
  • Simplified alien commander UI


  • Think I overcompensated with mature harvester health (now it’s +10% instead of +20%)
  • Bumped up harvester and Hive health to be closer to NS1.
  • Changed Bile Bomb damage to 55 and increased splash damage radius to 6.
  • Reduced energy cost for Gorge abilities to make him more responsive and interesting.


  • Improved Gorge bellyslide
  • Removed mini-cysts because they were confusing and redundant with regular Cysts (they also tended to break cyst chains when the Gorge died)
  • Nutrient mist now affects single target
  • Gorges can now build structures off infestation
  • The outgoing voice volume is louder.
  • Updated Drifter tooltip text.
  • Reduced player FOV used to detect other players for the minimap.
  • Touching enemy cloaked unit will now uncloak them.
  • Med/ammo packs cost now Command Station energy.
  • Unbuilt structures start now with an armor fraction (was health fraction only before)
  • Increased jetpack maneuverability and removed backwards flying penalty.
  • The Axe will now show a crosshair hit indicator.
  • Cysts / Hives generate now infestation on walls and ceilings.
  • Shade cloak is now a passive ability and requires no energy.
  • Players can no longer get cloaked by shades.
  • Ammo/med packs cost now armory energy.
  • Gorge structures won’t die anymore when the owner Gorge enters the Hive.
  • Infestation does not grant LOS anymore (won’t generate Hive sight / minimap blips)
  • Decreased ‘randomness’ of Shotgun. (predefined bullet spread pattern that rotates randomly around the players view axis)


  • Smoothed out skulk movement (removed hyper responsiveness when landing on ground, changed sticky force to depend on wall normal)
  • The health will no longer display on the Welder for unsocketed Power Points.
  • Fixed bug where key the backward and right keybindings would be correct when first running the game.
  • Make sure LeaveMenu is called when exiting out of the main menu.
  • Properly deactivate and activate mods when updating them. Fixed refreshing of the mod list so that it refreshes the list of all subscribed mods as well as all downloaded-but-not-subscribed mods.
  • Fixed bug where unpack was called on a table with holes when notifying the Marine of new upgrades (can lead to unpredictable results)
  • Fixed memory leak when removing a source from the file system.
  • Fixed a rare bug where sometimes an Alien player would not be able to spawn after a Hive was killed.
  • Fixed problem were ARC continues charge up effect after losing LOS.
  • Added shade minimap icon.
  • Fixed bug where spectator camera flips when looking straight up/down.
  • Raised arc splash damage origin a bit to fix problems with tiny ledges at the ground.
  • Command Stations show now correctly a range indicator when you attempt to drop an infantry portal.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to use shadow step while stabbing.
  • Disabled jetpack smoke trail effects for the local player which were causing FPS problems.
  • Fixed bug where nano shield/construct trigger sounds where played at the Command Station instead of target position.
  • Fixed initial infantry portal floating.
  • Fixed crash when calling RenderMaterial.GetLayer with an invalid index (now generates a script error)
  • Fixed bug which allowed you to place mines on clogs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Fade to occasionally get stuck when blinking.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to drop a Command Station on an infested techpoint.
  • Fixed issue where hot loading script would cause errors due to mixins being recreated.
  • Fixed bug where blend times for the animation graph did not take into account the speed of the animation.
  • Fixed potential crash bug when sending strings as part of network messages.
  • Fixed crash when a font couldn’t be rendered due to the system being out of video memory.
  • Various crashes related to collision objects being destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where nutrient mist was not correctly affecting researches.


  • Reduced network traffic regarding minimap blips.
  • Improved spit effect.
  • Sped up heal spray by 34% to make more responsive (adjusted energy cost and healing correspondingly)
  • Fixing the Alien Commander economy so the player must make a trade-off between attacking, expanding and teching up.
  • Marine way point lines are now color coded (red: attack, green: defend)


  • Reduced the number of times pose parameters were updated for a model.
  • Reduced the overhead of accessing a member variable from script.
  • Reduced the amount of animation code that is executed on the Client.
  • Decreased amount of bandwidth needed for each player a bit.
  • Disable PhysX visualization unless debug draw enabled.


  • Fixed issue where materials in the Viewer did not properly receive the time parameter.
  • Fixed hot loading in the Viewer.
  • Fixed crash when Undoing a Copy and Paste operation in the Editor.
  • Added the ability to speed up an animation in a model_compile file by including speed <number> after the animation name.
  • Added a simple implementation of GetRandomPointsWithinRadius in Pathing code.


  • Hive rooms now have an alien rainforest sound in them.
  • Extended the distance you can hear active Extractors
  • Hooked up various MAC sounds.

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