NS2 Build 182 released

Posted by unknownworlds 13 years ago

NS2 Build 182 has been released! The feedback on Build 181 was really good, but some new big problems cropped up. So we wanted to release a fix for the most important problems right away, before working on the rest of the game again. Here’s the list:

Build 182 features

  • Improved performance when firing the Rifle
  • Fixed bug where Aliens could instantly attack again by switching weapons (thanks Matso!)
  • Reduced spore damage from 14/sec to 7/sec to compensate for armor no longer protecting from gas (spores in Build 182 kill any marine in 14.29 seconds, which matches the time to kill a L1 marine in Build 180)
  • Lerk spore radius reduced to match the graphic effect
  • Lerk spore damage radius grows quickly to full instead of affecting full radius all the time (roughly matches effect)
  • A bunch of pathing fixes 😛
  • MAC and Drifter speeds are now back to their regular speeds (they were really slow)
  • Spectators can now see crosshair text
    [li]Fixed problem with how RadiusDamage was computing damage: now it uses actual traced distance from origin to target, instead of target’s origin. This affects Grenades, BileBombs and ARCs and means their damage will generally increase.
  • Decreased the agent radius for pathing agents
  • Fixed an issue with cysts only having one node in the path
  • Fixed an issue where drifters and macs would go into the ground
  • Fixed an issue with warping
  • Fixed an issue with the GetHoverAt function that would cause the unit to keep going up and up and up 😛
  • Fixed issue where the scoreboard was messed up
  • Fixed bug where requesting orders in the ready room would generate an error
  • Fixed an issue where ARC/Drifters would not get out of the move state which would prevent them from deploying or doing the order correctly
  • Fixed objects moving very fast when following the path
  • Fixed script error if a path only has one point
  • Fixed issue where ARCs couldn’t be deployed
  • Changed NS2 to use the ControllerMixin
  • Fixed bug where "energy build" type abilities (like creating Cysts) didn’t turn read in the commander UI when there wasn’t enough energy to use them
  • Fixed issue where multiple versions of source files would appear when debugging the game in Decoda
  • Fixed bug where clients using an older version of the game could connect to newer servers through the console
  • Added a small optimization to GetAttachPointOrigin
  • Added WalkMoveMixin
  • Changed some of the params on the mesh generation as to make the cell height slightly higher
  • Fixed an issue with the GetHoverAt function
  • Refactored the MoveToTarget function
  • Refactored the advancedToPoint function in PathingMixin
  • Fixed bug where triggers would be hit by Moving a collision object even if the object would hit something before hitting the trigger
  • Small fix that makes the obstacle radius half what it was before this allows macs/drifters more maneuverable pathing as they do not get caught up on stuff as much it also fixes an issue where they could go into buildings.

Now it’s back to work on bigger stuff. I hope you enjoy the build!

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