NS2 Build 167 released

Posted by unknownworlds 13 years ago

We were at GDC last week (and prepping for GDC) so we didn’t get much done for this patch, but we still got some significant fixes in. The patch is uploading to Valve now so you should see your Steam update shortly. Here’s a video update describing what we’ve done this past week.

Build 167 change log

  • Fixed problems where structures could be built on MACs
  • Fixed problems where structures could be placed so they were interpenetrating
  • Fixed bug where structures that were destroyed (instead of killed) didn’t cause tech tree to update
  • Fixed bug where Command Station could be upgraded to a Command Facility before anything else was built
  • Fixed connection problems when moving whips (playing sound effects repeatedly)
  • Fixed bug where whip could be rooted or unrooted before it was built
  • Fixed wrong button for upgrading Harvester production
  • Fixed bug where Drifters couldn’t settle on target (they kept overshooting it)
  • Added a call to FMOD::Event::stop() in SoundEventInstance before creating and starting another event (this should solve some of the persistent sounds problems)
  • Added sound position information to s_stats
  • Added looping and alive state information to fx_stats
  • Tweaked skulk bite attack animations

You can stay up-to-date with what we’re currently working on with the progress page, our Twitter account, Facebook page, and official Steam group.

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