NS2 Build 156 released

Posted by unknownworlds 13 years ago

Hey everyone,

Well it was a long weekend but we think we’ve gotten all the biggest problems in the beta fixed! There was a lot of other stuff we wanted to change on the gameplay side that we are holding off on right now just to make sure we could get this patch out as soon as possible.

This build is off to Valve and so we expect it will be live shortly. Here’s the list of fixes and improvements:

NS2 Build 156

  • Fixed server crashes
  • Fixed server growing memory usage
  • Fixed "can’t connect" issues – there may still be some issues here but it should be much better
  • Added very basic loading progress
  • You can now see if a server is full in the server browser
  • Fixed stuck problem when evolving into a bigger lifeform (won’t let you do it if not enough room)
  • Fixed problem with Fades occasionally getting stuck when blinking
  • Improved network performance, especially around hydras and projectiles
  • Fixed problem with MAC and Drifter sounds being heard when they shouldn’t be
  • Updated center tech point on rockdown to fix errors
  • Fixed script console errors
  • Fixed Fade animations while stabbing and moving
  • Optimized Hydra target acquisition
  • Removed collision geometry from some maps that shouldn’t be seen
  • Fixed missing marine flamethrower animations
  • Rifle melee now hits reliably (not urgent but snuck in there)

We hope this solves the biggest issues you guys are having, especially around server stability and connection problems. If not, please let us know on the forums or GetSatisfaction.

Now we’re off for some rest and relaxation and are looking forward to coming back rejuvenated! We hope you can get some good games in over this holiday week.

Thanks again for your support and patience everyone. And for those that observe it have a great Thanksgiving.

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