Nexzil Proving Grounds Tournament

Posted by 11 years ago

This weekend, team Nexzil is throwing a big party, and we’re all invited! This is the Nexzil Proving Grounds Tournament. Designed to showcase the up and coming talent in NS2, it’s going to be huge. What’s more, Nexzil have organized a banging prize pool courtesy of Asus Echelon:

Echelon prize pool

Echelon prize pool

Multiple casters will be casting mutiple teams at once across several streams. At 1100PDT / 1400EDT / 1800 UTC Dillon and Hugh will be kicking off the dev stream, and Virsoul will be running his stream. Tune in to both for tips on which other streams are running, and follow for @NS2 on the Twits for up to the minute info on streams / results / and the number of energy drinks Bitey has consumed!

More details on the tourney can be found here:


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