Nexzil Proving Grounds Tournament Weekend 1

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The first weekend of the Nexzil Proving Grounds Tournament is complete, and what an awesome tournament it is. Because it is focused on more ‘ameteur’ teams (that is to say, not Archaea!) the play is rougher, readier, and in some ways more fun than normal tournaments.

Natural Selection 2

The list of streams during Proving Grounds

This tournament is also special because of the variety and quality of the streams covering it. Seven channels have covered various matches, with VirsoulĀ carrying the headline matches. It is wonderful to see the depth and breadth of streaming talent in the NS2 community increasing all the time. You can find Videos on Demand (VODs) of all matches covered on the right hand side of each channel. Click Videos, and then the VOD you want to watch. Here is a YouTube copy of some games from Day 2 as cast on the dev channel:


Results from this first weekend can be found here. The top twelve teams get to go through to a singe elimination tournament next weekend, and play for the Asus and Multiplay prizes. At time of writing, the final twelve had not been decided, but Breakfast Klub, Vetus, Damage Networks, Precaching,!, RadicaL, and Forward! are amongst those who have qualified.

Tune in next weekend for the finals!


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