News from our friends at the NSL!

Posted by amanda 5 years ago

We’re coming at you with news and tournaments being run by our friends at the Natural Selection League! Grand Open Tournament, Season 15 and Staff required!

    Grand Open Tournament

The most exciting event of 2019 is coming soon! A Grand Open Tournament, run by the Natural Selection League (NSL or in collaboration with UWE, will take place December 7-8, and feature a prize of $600 for first place winners and t-shirts for the runner-ups! Mark the dates, and get ready for some challenging games! This event will show which team is truly the top dog in 2019!

    Short Season Announced!

The NSL has also opened the signups for its new season format! Beware that you only have one day left to sign up your team (Oct. 20th deadline). This will be a brief 6 week season to provide activity until November, and should allow the NSL to segregate teams into divisions based on skill. The more teams that sign up, the better divisions the NSL staff can create, so make sure to sign your team up! This format should provide a great and fun competitive environment for teams of all caliber before the Grand Open Tournament.

The Group Stage for the season will start on Sunday, 20 October and end on Saturday, 16 November. The Playoffs will last two weeks, ending on Saturday, 30 November. Note for the Playoffs that this is the deadline—the semifinals and finals can be played any time before it once the Group Stage has completed.

If you don’t have a team for the season, utilize the #recruitment channel on the NSL Discord to find other players!

Casters, Referees and Website Developers

The NSL is looking for people who know a bit of coding to help them improve and the gather page as they move forward with website development. A detailed form is available, so make sure to fill it out if you can be of any help. They’re also looking for Casters (to stream matches) and Referees, so if you’re interested, make sure to fill this form or ping one of the Admins on their Discord server.

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