New NS2 store

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

This weekend, we transitioned the Natural Selection 2 store over to Humble Bundle, Inc. The Humble Bundle guys are local friends of ours and they have gotten so good at processing sales with their bundles that they offered to handle our store transactions as well.

This means we now support non-Paypal transactions, which many of you have been asking for. You can now buy NS2 via Paypal, Amazon Payments and Google Checkout. You can also buy NS2 as a gift, which is something we’ve been wanting for a long time. Having these pros handle game keys and the billing support of our customer service will free up a nice chunk of Brian and my time, so we can focus more on the game.

The store is still technically in beta, but so far it’s working better than our system ever did. So we expect game keys to be sent out much more reliably from now on!

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