Natural Selection 2 World Championship

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As a game developer, our primary business concern must always be to create great games. The emotion generated by our bond with the Natural Selection 2 player community must always be kept in check: If we aren’t careful, we will end up happily spending all our money – and more importantly, time – doing fun stuff like making Gorge plushies, throwing tournaments, and partying with fans at shows. The end result of such behaviour? We can’t create games to our full potential, and you all receive sub-par games.

But what do you do when players present you with a plan that is so stunningly ambitious, it reminds you of why you create games in the first place? A plan that is not about making games, but celebrating games. An expensive plan. A brilliant plan. An impossible plan. A plan that can bring players together not just across countries and communities, but across the entire planet. A plan for a Natural Selection 2 World Championship.

The answer is not easy. Unknown Worlds would never and could never throw such an event ourselves. Our primary objective is and must always be game development. To do try to put together such an event would be a distraction, expensive in both monetary terms and in lost time.

Enter WasabiOne, Reddog, Zefram, and others. Limits, they said – What limits?

“We will organise it, Unknown Worlds. We will fund it. All we ask is that you help us.” 

Emails were sent. Meetings were had. Charlie deliberated. We are a game developer, not an esports company. Should we help? The answer came more quickly than we anticipated. What is the point our existence, what is the point us creating games, if we do not sieze opportunities for our players to celebrate a game they enjoy to the most extreme possible degree?

There is none. We are not a cold hearted publishing house, flipping intellectual-properties for maximum revenue generation. We want to be a part of the NS2 community – Contributing to it, living it, helping it. So we said yes to the impossible, and the Natural Selection 2 World Championship was borne. Some things are our responsibility, but the vast majority is being taken on by brave community members:


The task that Wasabi, Reddog, Zefram and the rest of the NS2WC team has set themselves is monumental. A huge round robin tournament, twenty four players flown from across the world, mountains of casting and oodles of responsibility. We don’t envy them doing this. But we are proud of them – And we hope that you will join us in supporting them.

To make this event happen, Wasabi and co must raise $30,000 – The estimated cost to fly twenty four players across the world. Every cent not spent goes into the prize pool, and if the target is not met, all donations are refunded. All funds are held by Wasabi in a dedicated business banking account that Unknown Worlds and trusted community members have access to view – So we all know the money is being used appropriately.

Alone, neither Unknown Worlds nor the Natural Selection 2 community could ever hope to throw such a massive party to celebrate the game we love. Together, we can create an event of a scale never seen from an indie game. Join the cause – Contribute today.


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