Natural Selection 2 Rail Car Concepts (1 of 4)

Posted by unknownworlds 17 years ago

Cory "Squeal_Like_A_Pig" Strader has been working like crazy on finishing up Lair for the PS3, but has found time to continue his truly awesome concept work for NS2.

This time up, he decided to try some "rail cars" and along the way, created some cool environments, marines and even the first new glimpse of the Kharaa. It got everyone on the team pretty excited, so we thought you guys would like it too.

So without further ado, here is an idea for "rail cars", in Cory’s words:

"The idea was a "team experience" kind of prop, which, in this case is a rail car that would be used to carry crates and cargo in the industrial parts of the NS universe, and of course can be used to transport players quickly from point A to point B on a map. Essentially it would be a horizontal elevator, you hop on, press the use key on the control panel, and it follows the track to the end of the line. Nothing overly complex. But it could add an interesting visual and gameplay element."

"Maybe the car on some maps could have some crates on it, that can be used for cover while riding. Maybe you can build structures on top it it. Like the marines build a siege turret, hit the button to make the car start up, jump off, and send it empty except for the turret into an alien base. Maybe a handful of marines head off on the cart, then the thing comes back a few minutes later loaded with aliens. Maybe smaller aliens get squished by it, but an Onos can derail it."

Stay tuned for color concepts coming shortly…

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