Natural Selection 2 Build 239 has been released!

Posted by 11 years ago

Yesterday, Natural Selection 2 build 238 was released. It was a good, solid build, but it was not quite good enough. A nasty bug slipped through, allowing Aliens to evolve all traits at once. Naturally, Brian woke up in a fit of murderous bug-rage. We tried to control him, but by lunchtime he had already punched through a concrete wall, and created a new build. After an afternoon of testing, we present you Build 239!

There is no changelog for this one, as it is really tiny. Here are the three lonely components:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed an Alien player to evolve all traits, rather than just one per hive / upgrade path.
  • Fixed a performance problem where the game would take 2ms per frame handling of some webwindow stuff
  • Optimisation added that reduces animation memory use

That last one is a present from Steve, and is actually quite significant. Animations is Spark have historically been absolute memory hogs. The optimisations Steve has introduced have reduced their appetites. This won’t result in more FPS for most people, but will prevent crashes for some people who were running out of RAM on their GPUs.

In lieu of a patch video, here is a great fun playtest game played on Docking. There is lots of high-level Marine combat in it, especially around the relatively new Departures and East Wing areas:




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