Mod Spotlight: Last Stand

Posted by obraxis 8 years ago
Last Stand

The Kharra horde continues their push into the galaxy. The TSF are overrun.

Only a few survive to face the Last Stand.


Last Stand is a fast-paced twitch-shooter mod for NS2. There is no commander. Only you, your skill and your friends. Play as either Alien or Marine in a final showdown on over 10 maps.

Designed with low player counts in mind, play all the way up to 24 players and win the fight for glory!

Last Stand was a Mod developed a few years ago originally by a number of people at Unknown Worlds during a Mod jam. Since then in their spare time Samusdroid, Ghoul and a few other community members have had a hand in bringing it up to par as a fully-fledged fun, playable mod.

It takes only a few players to play Last Stand, with small player counts such as 4 vs 4 & 6 vs 6 being very popular, (LS can scale up to 12 vs 12). With over 10 maps edited & created by your favorite community mappers such as Loki, Flaterectomy, Kouji & Samusdroid there is something for everyone in the fast, furious gamemode. Hone your twitch skills or simply play while filling up the server: mods such as Last Stand can now be loaded on map change from your server map list, so you can mix up play of regular NS2 and mods such as Last Stand!

Last Stand will auto-download on servers which run the mod, but is also available on the on the Steam Workshop page. Server ops should check out the workshop page for setup instructions and an example mapcycle file.

We’re very excited & curious to hear what you guys think of Last Stand, so please give us your feedback!

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