Logitech Beta Tournament Results

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Fifty-two individual games played, three days, over seventy players, a huge pile of loot and almost a thousand continuous viewers on stream for the finals on Sunday. What an absolute blast, this was the Logitech Beta Tournament.

Here are the final results from the tournament. North American and European round-robin brackets lead to two cross-Atlantic semi-finals, followed by an epic European clash in the grand final. Congratulations to Archaea for taking the prize home, and to Exertus for making it in second.

Anyone who watched the stream will have been blown away by the epic clash of Exertus and Inversion, surely one of the most incredible games of competitive NS2 ever played. In over fifty minutes of play, neither side could crack the other: tech trees fully explored. We will upload the full game to the Unknown Worlds YouTube channel later this week.

Without spoiling too much, it was an absolute blast for us at UWE to see Exosuits and Onii charging each other over and over again. Enzyme blasts, grenade explosions, flamethrowers, the works. Charlie was in the stream whooping and cheering, Hugh and WasabiOne losing their minds on stream, and the twitch chat roaring as both teams continuously swung king hits.

If this is what NS2 games look like in beta, then we can’t wait to see what they look like at launch time. Which, by the way, is only ten days away.

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