Join the NS2 Playtest Team

Posted by 10 years ago

Listen up ladies and gentlemen – There are 25 days left until NS2 gets a huge makeover in the form of a Gorgeous sized update. In those 25 days the game needs to be put through the wringer to make sure it is not a horrible, buggy, broken mess.

We need your help.


Join the NS2 playtest group and play on Biodome, as the female marine, with new weapons and abilities, before anyone else. Work closely with Brian, and legends of the NS2 community including Obraxis, Wasabione and Ironhorse. There are some requirements:

You must own Natural Selection 2 (it’s a pretty ok game, worth a buy!)
You must not be crazy, mean, aggressive, or otherwise disruptive human incapable of playing nicely with other humans

Join the playtest crew, see Biodome, see the world! And help us make the August 30 update the best damn update NS2 has ever seen.


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