Intel and Nvidia Sponsor the NS2 World Championship

Posted by 11 years ago

The Natural Selection 2 World Championship is the most ambitious project the NS2 community has ever undertaken. Reddog, WasabiOne, Zefram, Rantology, ItsSuperEffective, and Virsoul have moved mountains to prepare for a tournament that will allow every player on Earth to compete at the highest level.

A huge qualifying group stage will lead to four teams being flown to Cologne, Germany for a live studio finals series. To make this happen, the NS2WC team is aiming to raise $30,000. There are now four days left to fuel the rocket, and send this game into space. And as of this moment, that goal just got a whole lot closer.

NS2WC SponsorSm

Enter Nvidia and Intel. By day, each of these companies makes bleeding edge gaming hardware. By night, they help make gaming events, tournaments and leagues a reality. They noticed the NS2WC, and realised they could help the NS2 community make something very special happen.

Today, both Nvidia and Intel have contributed $8,000 to the NS2WC community crowd funding effort. They have turned what looked like a dream into a reality. At Unknown Worlds, we are extremely grateful to both companies for supporting this tournament. NS2 is not a mega-esport, and this tournament is about community, not spectacle. Their contribution is generous, and probably a first for an indie game community competition.

Now it is time to make the final push. Over the next four days, we can all come together to make this happen. Nvidia and Intel have brought in more than half of the total – Let’s make up the rest!


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