IndieDB Awards Voting Ending

Posted by unknownworlds 14 years ago

The awards over at IndieDB are ending tomorrow, so this is your last chance to get over there and vote for your favorite independent games.

We’ve been really fortunate to win a number of awards over the years, in large part thanks to our very supportive community. Prizes are nice (last year we won some cool Sumo bean bags a year of SVN hosting at Codesion), but what’s most important for us right now is the additional exposure that comes from these types of competitions.

For a number of reasons we’ve had a hard time really getting the word out about Natural Selection 2. One of the reasons for this is that we’d honestly rather put our resources and energy into working on the game than working on marketing. Natural Selection 2 is really shaping up, but there is still so much we want to do with it. In three weeks since we started the beta we’ve released 4 major patches and I can tell you right now that we’re not planning on slowing down. Please help us get the word out so we can stay focused on development rather than marketing and business.

A few weeks ago NaturalSelection2HD created a video about the IndieDB awards. Check it out, and while you’re at it, check out the other videos in his channel (it might take a while, he’s released 30 videos in the past 3 weeks!).

So if you’d like to show your support for Natural Selection 2 and what we’re doing, head over to the Top 100 page and you’ll find us under Upcoming Indies of 2010 in the Real-time Strategy (?) category.

Thanks for your support everyone!

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