Happy Anniversary

Posted by WasabiOne 8 years ago

It’s crazy to think that it has been three years since the launch of Natural Selection 2. Even crazier to think about how much longer many of you have been playing, some since the alpha and beta. We salute you! The game has continued to evolve over the past few years and even today new content and tools are being added, as the Community Development Team forges ahead and looks to the future of NS2.

Build 277 is a quick release compared to those before it. Our goal was mainly for getting our seasonal content back in the game in time for the holiday, but also to focus on some much needed bug fixes for our tools. Below is a changelog of those fixes as well as some other tidy up items. Hope you enjoy and Happy Anniversary & Halloween!

Dillon (“WasabiOne”)

Build 277 Changelog


  • Fixed bug that caused the game to iterate over the level lights every frame.


  • Reduced size of GUIHoverMenu.
  • Added throwable candy.


  • Added seasonal maps.


  • Fixed chat text wrapping breaking up words sometimes instead of inserting line breaks between words.
  • Fixed scoreboard spacing between team columns being wrong on some resolutions.
  • Added in the missing no_evolve texture for use in maps.



– Added 8 new texture alignment buttons

  • Scale X -> Y – Sets the texture’s vertical scale to the horizontal scale
  • Scale Y -> X – Sets the texture’s horizontal scale to the vertical scale
  • Fit Horizontal – Like “fit” but only affects X axis
  • Fit Vertical – Like “fit” but only affects Y axis
  • Rotate 90 Degrees – Nobody knows what this mysterious button does.
  • Rotate -90 Degrees – Nor this one…
  • Angle From Longest Edge – Aligns the texture’s horizontal axis with the face’s longest edge.
  • Angle From Shortest Edge – Aligns the texture’s horizontal axis with the face’s shortest edge.

– Fixed a texture-lock bug, which would result in textures becoming misaligned even after very small movements.

– Fixed the texture rendering bugs in the editor

– Fixed the “marine” reference model in the editor to not be crouched

– Fixed ready_room_spawn entities not spawning you in the direction the entity faces

– Added arrows to the tech point and rt models in the editor to show what direction they face

– Added a range circle in the editor to show the range of egg spawn on hives

– Added a button to view the autobackup directory in the editor and r

– Removed unused check for update button


  • Fixed overview not using files from mod folders

Known Issues:


  • Any time a face is re-triangulated, there’s a chance the texture will become mis-aligned again, same as before.



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