Gorgeous Trailer Released

Posted by 11 years ago

Earlier tonight, Hugh finished uploading Cory’s magnificent Gorgeous trailer. Soon after, a group of rabid fans broke into the UWE office. Brandishing pointy sticks, they informed him that if he did not enter the password for the UWE YouTube channel, they would put his head through a Gorge Tunnel entrance.


Obviously, Hugh complied with the demand. And you can now watch the trailer for Gorgeous! The update is not yet live. It will go live, along with a 50% off Steam sale, at the times shown on the map below. Now, this is important: If you like Cory’s trailer, show him how much you like it. Retweet it, share it on the Facebooks, and even Google+ it. If you like it and don’t do it, Cory will cry manly tears. Do you want Cory to cry manly tears?



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