GDC 2007 : Bootstrapping Core through Casual

Posted by unknownworlds 17 years ago

It was nearly the last slot on the last day of the Game Developers conference, and everyone was doubtless worn-out and craving the security and simplicity of their computer monitors (or was that just me?) but many of you came to my talk on Bootstrapping Core through Casual. It was a small room, but it was completely packed and people were standing in the back (I think there were about 175 people).

Much to my surprise, at least half the people in the room had played Natural Selection. I think many folks were more interested in NS than casual but I hope the talk was useful anyways! We were hoping to show off some new gameplay footage of Natural Selection 2 but weren’t able to get that quite done in time.

There were some great questions afterwards and I got an overall good feeling from folks who seemed to enjoy hearing about our ups and downs. Thanks to everyone that attended and wanted to hear our story! I hope it helped. One person asked about how to see which are the current top-selling titles in Casual, and Tami Borowick from Real contributed this URL. It would’ve been nice to see that before starting Zen.

Many thanks to Max, Cory, Dan and Lee for making this talk possible!

Download slides (4 meg, Powerpoint/OpenOffice)

Movies from talk are available here and here

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