Game investment talk

Posted by unknownworlds 15 years ago

Unknown Worlds is in business today because we received two rounds of angel investment. We recently closed our second round of funding which was quite challenging due to the recent economic downturn. We were very close to running out of cash and came close to not raising money at all.

If you want to learn how to pitch to investors, whether your business will be appealing to investors and how the state of the investing has changed due to current economic conditions, you’ll want to listen to this talk, given by one of our own investors, Matthew Le Merle. He gave this talk at the Game Developer’s Conference this year:

If you make it all the way through the talk, you’ll hear a little information about Unknown Worlds as well (we are a case study).

Oh, and if you end up pitching your company to Matthew, please let him know you loved Natural Selection…

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