Friday Update (Build 136)

Posted by unknownworlds 14 years ago

This Friday we have another update to the Spark SDK for everyone who has pre-ordered Natural Selection 2. The Spark SDK is the package which includes the level editor, viewer, and model and texture creation tools for Natural Selection 2.

Most of our engine/tools effort this week was spent making improvements to the game, so there are only a few changes to the Editor in this patch. Here’s the complete list of changes:

  • Added rendering of the world axes in the Viewer
  • Improved asset thumbnail rendering for models
  • Fixed bug where custom colors add in the color picker would not be remembered when selecting another entity
  • Fixed missing textures on props

If you’ve already installed the Spark SDK, it will automatically detect the update and give you the option to install when the editor is launched. If you haven’t installed the Spark SDK before, use the link below to download the installer.

Note that in order to run the tools in the SDK you will need your game key.

Download ns2_setup.exe (360.3M)

In addition, we’ve uploaded a higher quality version of the footage used in the Mod DB award presentation. This is pre-alpha footage of the game, so it’s a little rough around the edges. Normally we only like to release media that’s polished (you guys can be so critical!), but we wanted to say "thanks" to everyone who supported us, even if everything isn’t optimized and there are some glitches.

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