Extreme definition NS2 artwork

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Natural Selection 2 Exosuit

Pixels are addictive. There are never enough. More definition, higher resolution, greater pixel density. But what to do with all those high-resolution screens? Phones, Eyefinity setups, NVSurround, 1600p monitors… Is there any content out there that can really do them justice?

Yes. And it is Natural Selection 2. Here are extreme resolution versions of several iconic Natural Selection 2 images. At Unknown Worlds, we lovingly refer to them by certain names that just came about naturally. For example, Cory might suggest using ‘Onos v Marine’ on a certain part of a PAX exhibit.

Together, these images take up 43.4 million pixels!

Onos v Marine

Natural Selection 2

Onos v Marine preview

 Download link – 16.7mb PNG – 5,800 x 3,000

The Onos v Marine image is probably the most iconic and widely used of all these images. It was the original piece of high-resolution NS2 artwork, and serves as the Steam Store image for the game. The scene was intended to evoke the massive gulf in size between two playable characters in Natural Selection 2.

Battle Royale

Natural Selection 2 Battle Royale

Battle Royale preview

Download link – 2.5mb PNG – 1,920 x 817 

Battle Royale is by far the smallest of the images, weighing it and a ‘paltry’ 1920 pixels in width. It is however the most rich – Showing off a wide variety of characters. It was created for the Steam holiday sale, and was intended to convey a sense of variety in game-play.

Fade v Marine


Fade v Marine preview

Download link – 13.2mb TIFF – 2,500 x 1,800

The Fade is perhaps the most compelling and terrifying of all give alien life-forms. Fade v Marine was created to give a more ‘square’ option for promotional activities. It is the most emotive image, with special attention paid to the facial expression of both the (doomed?) marine and oncoming Fade.

Exosuit Battle

Natural Selection 2 Exosuit

Exosuit Battle preview

Download link – 32.3mb TIFF – 8,000 x 2,400

The big kahuna. The monster. 19 million pixels of pure Natural Selection 2 goodness. Exosuit Battle was revealed as the studio background for the NSL Invitational Grand Final in Cologne, Germany. With 8,000 pixels of width and 2,400 of height, this image could serve as the background for an octo-1200p 4 x 2 monitor setup. If anyone out there in the NS2 community owns such an glorious array of monitors, we would love to see a screenshot using Exosuit Battle as the background!

NS2 Logo

Natural Selection 2

NS2 Logo Preview

Download link  – 400kb PNG – 1,500 x 512

Not as exciting or as large as the actual images, some people might find the Natural Selection 2 logo handy. Here it is in large, transparent background form.


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