Exosuit Revealed!

Posted by unknownworlds 12 years ago

Alright, we admit it. We have been horrible, horrible teases. But we tease no more, here it is: The Exosuit, in all its glory! Read on below for important stuff!

It’s 4.30am here in the office at the time of posting, and since midnight we’ve been watching the web take hold of the Exosuit. Hugh has not slept a single minute since 6am Monday.

We hit the YouTube ‘301’ barrier in 10 minutes. We are trending to the top on r/gaming, the comments and likes are exploding on youtube, we have more shares on Facebook than ever before in NS2 history, and all over the web forums are starting to feature Exosuit trailer posts.

This is your chance to part of NS2 history. This stuff matters. The more these bubbles grow, the more people that get to see and experience the game we have all come to know and love.

Right now, at your PC, you can make a choice that can change the future of this game. You can help vote it to the top on reddit; you can join the discussion of Mendasp’s .gif contributions on Youtube; you can join Exo discussions on your favourite forums; you can share the original post ("Ladies and Gentlemen, The Exosuit" on Facebook; you can do something completely wacky and different.

If you do, we’re with you, and we thank you.

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