European Open 2013 Grand Final

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Here is the full replay of the European Open 2013 Grand Final, played live on stage at Insomnia49 between Saunamen and Legendary Snails:


The Biodome Reveal may be found at 21:47, and after an unfortunate delay games start at 40:35.

Natural Selection 2

Eagleye, Strayan and Peacham on stage

The final count for the prize-pool is around $3,500 (after the final UWE contribution is added to community contributions). It is wonderful that you all chose to donate so much to this cause. Both teams played brilliantly and the opening match was a back-and-forth nailbiter.

Saunamen securing Computer Lab

Saunamen securing Computer Lab

With the European Open over, it is time to sign up for Season 3 of the Natural Selection League. Head on over to to get your team up there! Don’t worry if you are not super-pro – The ENSL organizes the league in such a way as to align the skill levels of teams.

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